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Dovin limited

About Us
Dovin Limited is a professional machine supplier which started export business since 2009 It is located in Zhengzhou city Henan province China a very convenient geographical location being the central part of China We specialized in wire processing related machine we supplied some roofing nail machine and hoop iron machine as well as machine spare parts for overseas clients we also provide Chinese labour to work for your factory to guide your producing We choose to work seriously with a long term view and help our clients to get best quality at best prices rather than to make quick bucks for the factory We track orders through the production process to ensure quality and timely delivery Our...

Categories and Products

Nail Making Machine

Wire Drawing Machine and Auxiliary

Barrel Plating Equipment

Nail Making Auxiliary

Hardware Products

Hoop Iron Machine

Wire Straightening And Cutting Machine

Chain Link Machine

Barbed Wire Machine

Welding Mesh Making Machine


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